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Community Right-to-Know
(SARA/Title III)

If you store more than the specified threshold quantities of the over 400 toxic chemicals specified in the Superfund Act and Reauthorization Amendments of 1986 (SARA/Title III), MLM & Associates Engineering, Inc. (MLM) can work with you to comply with the Act and protect you from expensive penalties and perhaps criminal charges.

In addition to the hazardous chemicals on the SARA lists, there are reporting requirements for more than 50,000 chemicals regulated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) including metals, solvents, gasoline and diesel fuel, and even sand and gravel.

Federal and state agencies have been aggressive in pursuing enforcement. With fines up to $25,000 per day possible, it is essential that you are conscientious in your compliance efforts. In fact, in recent years, a number of firms have been assessed penalties exceeding $100,000.

If your facility is covered by the provisions of SARA/Title III (and most likely it is) you are required to:

  • Compile and inventory all the products you use and store on-site.
  • Notify the State Emergency Response Board, Local Emergency Response Board Committee, and fire department of the regulated materials at your site.
  • Notify the authorities if a release of the regulated material occurs.
  • Submit a Toxic Chemical Release Form. (EPA Form R) annually for each chemical that is processed, manufactured, or used in excess of the specified amount.

MLM can help. Our professional environmental teams can work with you to ensure your compliance with all SARA requirements and develop an ongoing program to assist in future evaluation. Additionally, we'll make sure your reporting requirements are met completely and on a timely basis year after year.