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Air Quality

MLM & Associates Engineering, Inc. (MLM) can help you comply with the ever-changing variety of air quality laws and regulations.

For more than 20 years, the federal government (through the Clean Air Act, known as CAA), and individual states have regulated business, industry, and municipalities in an effort to promote clean air. Through the years, the CAA has gone through a number of interpretations and amendments. Following and understanding these modifications can be difficult and confusing. Even though all geographical areas are responsible for meeting the same basic national air quality standards, regulations can vary from state to state, even within a state, if individual areas have a significant air quality problem.

All businesses without specific exemptions are required to obtain permits under Title V of the CAA and the various state regulations. Even very small businesses may find themselves in need of permits as exemption categories change and/or emission thresholds are lowered. Failure to obtain permits or meet critical deadlines may result in fines as high as $27,500 per day.

MLM's highly trained specialists can assist you in all phases of compliance, guiding you through these complex, confusing, and constantly- changing regulations. Knowledgeable, experienced, and actively involved with the agencies and officials who set environmental policy, MLM's staff will work with you in developing cost-effective strategies that meet your business objectives. We'll ensure that you are in compliance with current regulations and help you keep abreast of regulatory changes that will affect you and your business.

Examples of our Air Quality Compliance services include:

  • New source and construction permits
  • Clean Air Act Major and Minor source permits
  • Air emission inventories and annual reports
  • Ambient air quality monitoring
  • Air quality compliance audits
  • Response to agency Notices of Violation