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Hazardous Waste Management

MLM & Associates Engineering, Inc. (MLM) works with you to reduce costs and liabilities associated with the generation and disposal of hazardous wastes.

This "cradle to grave" management is mandated by the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), and your additional long-term financial liability for these wastes is established by provisions in the Superfund laws. Since there have been numerous occasions where a business was held responsible for clean-up costs at landfills and other disposal sites-years after the waste actually left their facility-it is essential that your waste is properly categorized and handled.

Hazardous waste materials can be anything from printing inks to the solvents used to wash parts. You are required to keep track of the materials from the time it enters your facility to the time it leaves as hazardous waste. In fact, in most cases you are responsible for your waste long after you have "disposed" of it.

MLM's experienced and knowledgeable staff has been working with the hazardous waste rules for more than 25 years. Let us work with you to develop the programs and procedures you need to comply with all the laws governing your disposal of hazardous waste. We can provide expert assistance in:

  • On-site hazardous waste management
  • Waste minimization
  • Pollution prevention
  • Characterization of waste streams
  • Identifying beneficial re-use opportunities
  • Training
  • Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Facility (TSDF) reviews
  • Preparation of annual hazardous waste activity reports