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Stormwater Management

Industrial facilities in certain SIC codes are required to obtain a permit for their storm water discharges. These facilities are also required to train their employees. EPA storm water regulatory requirements (40 CFR 122.26), State Water Resources Control Board and Regional Water Quality Control Boards regulate storm water discharges. Developing and implementing Storm Water Pollution Prevention Program constitutes the initial phase for the control of storm water pollution from industrial activities. The objective is to eliminate non-storm water discharges such as non-permitted process wastewater, domestic wastewater, and non-contact cooling water. The implementation of Best Management Practices to identify, reduce, eliminate and prevent pollution of storm water. The prevention of surface water quality, groundwater quality, or sediment management standards violations.

Assessment of activities and handling of material and equipment on-site that cause or has the potential to cause pollution of storm water. Development and implementation of BMP's to prevent surface water, ground water, or sediment pollution.

The following is what MLM will do for you:

  • Planning & organization
  • Assessment
  • Assist in implementation of Best Management Practices (BMP's)
  • Develop an implementation schedule
  • Solid & liquid waste disposal
  • Monitoring
  • Administrative Requirements